How You Can Prevent Injuries

At BBC Health, our doctors get questions all the time about what you can do in order to stay well and prevent injuries.  While it’s true that some injuries are accidental, many injuries are also preventable.  

The very best thing you can do is to receive monthly chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue therapy.  These treatments provided in our office can help remove nerve interference, which helps PREVENT future injuries. 

Three things happen when you receive a chiropractic adjustment:

  1. By removing nerve interference, your body has the strongest capacity to HEAL itself from pain and even other sicknesses.
  2. By removing nerve interference, your body has the strongest capacity to PREVENT future sickness and pain - so you don't get so much sickness in the first place.
  3. By removing nerve inference, your future PERFORMANCE is improved so that your musculoskeletal system doesn't experience so much wear and tear from misalignment allowing you to have better mobility your WHOLE life!

In addition to chiropractic care, ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMS provide your doctor with a detailed baseline record of your health.  This makes it easier to detect changes and address them quickly. Annual physical exams promote wellness by preventing illnesses from occurring in the first place.  

In addition to chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue therapy, one of the most effective and affordable tools to maintain spinal health and prevent injuries are RESISTANCE BANDS.  We love resistance bands at BBC Health and use them regularly to promote strength and stability.  When used daily, they promote muscle strength, balance, and joint integrity.  

Below we’ve provided three of our favorite resistance band workouts for you to perform daily at home or to split up and perform one each day.  

The first workout is designed to counteract the negative effects of desk and office work by focusing on neck and upper back stability. 

The second workout is designed to promote deep breathing and core strength by providing mid-back flexibility.


The third workout is designed to build a solid foundation by challenging the low back and pelvic muscles that we use everyday.

So, be sure to visit BBC Health regularly, and perform these resistance band workouts daily to stay well and prevent injuries.

PLEASE NOTE:  Click this link for access to these exercises in printable, PDF format! 

Dr. Matthew Gilbert

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