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4 Health Benefits of Gratitude

Did you know that while Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks, it can also be the holiday of receiving health?  When we give gratitude, we receive something precious in return…better health!  And not just physical health, but mental, emotional, and relational health improves as a result of gratitude as well. 

Below are some of the health benefits of gratitude:

Reduced Blood Pressure

According to one study, patients with hypertension who “count their blessings” at least once per week enjoyed a noticeable decrease in blood pressure (Shipon, 1977).  A thankful heart is a healthy heart!

Increased Exercise Frequency

While not an effective “fast weight loss” plan, gratefulness can help you get fit!  One study showed that participants who practiced gratitude regularly for 11 weeks were more likely to exercise than those who did not (Emmons & McCullough, 2003).  Also, studies have found that exercising outdoors helps fuel feelings of gratitude better than exercising indoors.  

Improved Sleep

Practicing increased activities of gratitude for two weeks increased sleep quality and lowered blood pressure in one study (Jackowska, Brown, Ronaldson & Steptoe, 2016).  Simply spending time before bed counting your blessings can your lower heart rate and create feelings of peace that help achieve a deeper sleep.  

Also, when counting your blessings in bed, we recommend properly supporting your neck and resting your head on one of our Chiroflow pillows.  Read more below!

Improved Overall Physical Health

Grateful people are healthy people overall!  Evidence shows that the more grateful a person is the more likely he or she is to enjoy better physical and psychological health (Hill, Allemand & Roberts, 2013).

At BBC Health, we are grateful for every one of our patients, and try to promote an attitude of gratitude in all that we do.  We take an integrated, team approach to primary medical and chiropractic care that listens to your needs.  We pray that this Thanksgiving is a healthy one for you and your loved ones, but if needed, we stand ready to serve you on the road to better health.  

Also, in order to show gratitude to our patients, we are celebrating December with a special on all our Chiroflow pillows.  Normally $65, get yours for only $50 before the end of 2020!  Click the link here to read the study on neck pain and quality of sleep performed by John Hopkins University that caused our doctors to love the Chiroflow pillow and choose it for themselves and their own families.  


Dr. Matthew Gilbert

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