Got Knee Pain?

Got Knee Pain?

One 30-Minute Treatment Could End Your Knee Pain!

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you could significantly reduce your knee pain? Where would you go, what would you do?

What if this therapy took ONLY ONE 30-MINUTE TREATMENT? We are pleased to announce that knee pain sufferers don’t have to wait any longer to get one of the most advanced treatments available today.

If you suffer from debilitating knee pain, we invite you to regain control of your life by visiting BBC Health, a modern, holistic medical facility in Lewisville, Texas.


Advanced live motion sonography allows us to pinpoint problem areas with extreme accuracy. We prepare and introduce tiny transplant tissues (micro Human Cell & Tissue Transplant (mHCTT)) into your knee (or other affected joint) and then allow your body’s own healing process to go to work. These transplanted cells and tissues include building blocks used by your body in nearly every type of tissue!  Most patients describe the treatment as getting a shot at the doctor’s office and report little pain or discomfort.


Over time, due to age, injury, and disease, our bodies lose their natural healing abilities as well as functionality.

Remember when you were a kid and you skinned your shin riding a bike?  Do you remember how quickly it healed? 

Now as adults if we skin our shin it takes a long time for the mark to go away. That is a result of diminished healing ability.  Fortunately, each person is born with building blocks capable of repairing and replenishing tissue. Through research and new understanding of these vital building blocks, we aim to optimize your body’s ability to heal itself.

Regenerative medicine is defined as “aiding the body’s ability to heal itself.” 

When we administer a regenerative medicine product like our vital human cell and tissue products, we are putting back in or supplementing the things that naturally occurred in your body and aiding the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Our products are derived from birth tissue after a happy, healthy birth and are minimally manipulated in manufacturing to preserve the most important cytokines, proteins, growth factors, and scaffolding properties: the functional factors involved in the reconstruction, repair, and protection of human tissue.


In our office, regenerative therapy treatment includes mHCTT joint injections which transplant donated human tissues with growth factors, cytokines, and mesenchymal cells into areas of tissue or joint damage.  With all our regenerative therapies our #1 goal is to help support your body’s ability to repair and strengthen the tissues and supporting structures, whether it is cartilage, ligament, or muscle tissue. Regenerative therapy targeting joints is used to help support acute and chronic injuries, knee meniscal tears, loss of knee joint cartilage, as well as degenerative arthritis.


Results will vary among patients, but many report experiencing pain relief in as little as one week and some even begin enjoying normal everyday activity within a few days following the regenerative treatment. You have probably recently seen many professional athletes in the news using regenerative treatment to assist in the healing of their bodies following a sports injury (including Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning).  

Since the body naturally continues to adapt and heal for several months afterward, further recovery of function in the joint and the supporting tissues can occur.


Yes. Our clinic has made regenerative medicine treatment affordable and within reach of most people.  Imagine eliminating the need to wear a knee brace or the dependency on anti-inflammatories or opioids…or being able to get back into action and doing the activities you love to do.


Do you wake up with knee pain? Does your knee pain keep you from certain activities? Have you been told you need a knee replacement? Are you active and sometimes suffer from sore knees? Do you take medications for knee pain? Do you have difficulty going up and down stairs due to knee pain? Are you considering surgery to alleviate knee pain? Have you tried everything to get rid of knee pain with no success? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to apply to see if you are an eligible patient candidate for a mHCTT regenerative medicine treatment.


In many cases, regenerative therapy with mHCTT is a solution for knee pain. Our medical staff will give you an honest and fair evaluation of your knee pain. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our schedule and are now accepting new patients for this revolutionary treatment. 

Take the next step by contacting us at BBC Health in Lewisville, Texas to learn more.  

Dr. Matthew Gilbert

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