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How Can a Nurse Practitioner Help You?

An Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner is a highly trained medical provider who after serving patients as a registered nurse, goes on to further training to receive a master’s degree and license as a Nurse Practitioner. In many states, Nurse Practitioners can freely practice without supervision; Texas is not one of those states. However, the doctor does not have to be present in order to perform supervision. 

Nurse Practitioners can perform many of the same aspects of patient care as a Medical Doctor as long as they are working within their scope of practice for which they were trained. For example, Nurse Practitioners are highly trained to conduct physical exams, order and interpret labs and diagnostics, diagnose and manage medical conditions, write prescriptions, administer therapies, and educate patients. Some therapies include but are not limited to injections, iv administration, pap smears, suturing open wounds, removing skin lesions, and giving medications. Nurse Practitioner’s work in all areas of medical care including family medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, and women’s health. This allows patients to receive more personable care more easily, and Medical Doctors are then able to focus more on their highly specialized care or area of expertise such as surgery. 

Nurse practitioners are particularly well known for their good bedside manner, compassionate care, and willingness to educate patients to promote health and self-efficacy because they were nurses first. Family Nurse Practitioners, in particular, aim to partner with their patients in providing complete primary care for the entire life of their patients.  

At BBC Health, we are proud to provide an integrated team approach to healthcare. Family Nurse Practitioners are instrumental in providing the family medical care with a personable touch that we are known for. 

Schedule your appointment today to see how our Nurse Practitioner provides you with highly advanced care with a compassionate touch. 

Linda Hampton, MSN, APRN, FNP

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