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Superior Hand Sanitizer Delivered To You

Did you ever think you would live in a world where the 4 hottest "must-have" products were toilet paper, paper towels, masks, and "Hand Sanitizer"?
The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our world in a short amount of time.  As countries scramble to protect themselves from infection, supply chains are broken, borders are blocked, and countries are stopping shipments of everyday commodities.  The supplies have run so low now that you can quickly find hundreds of youtube videos on how to make your own.   
Also, there are several known problems with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Most of these are of little concern when using over-the-counter sanitizers now and then, but with frequent use, such as the kind we’re experiencing now, there are several concerns to be extremely aware of.

The main 3 concerns with frequent use of hand sanitizer during this crisis are:

1. Frequent use of alcohol can break down the skin’s natural barriers making the skin more permeable. If your skin is more permeable, then germs, bacteria, and other contaminants have a better chance to enter your system through the skin and get into your bloodstream.

2. Normal hand sanitizers only last a few minutes. And as soon as you touch something contaminated, you have to re-apply them to stay protected.

3. Repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers can contribute to creating resistant bacteria (i.e. “superbugs”) similar to the over-use of antibiotics.
In searching for a better product that I could get ahold of now, I discovered this special maximum protection hand sanitizer which is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial, unlike most over-the-counter brands that are just anti-bacterial.  
Purifi™ contains the EPA registered PATENTED formulation that’s proven to kill 99.9999% (you read that right) of VIRUSES, BACTERIA, FUNGI, AGAE, YEAST, MILDEW & MOLDS. 
Purifi is also a brand that's able to be shipped directly to your home...allowing you stay-at-home and shelter in place.  
In fact, my friend and top Seal Team 6 special forces warrior and medic, Don Mann, wouldn't go into battle without it. 
“As a soldier and medic in Seal Team 6, I always went into battle with the best and most advanced equipment. Purifi™ Hand Sanitizer’s patented technology is exactly that.”  - Don Mann, U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6, Ret.  
CLICK HERE to order yours today. 
I've been told that there is a very limited stock available so click here to learn more about this maximum protection.  
Our goal is to keep our patients and communities safe, and that is why we have ordered and use this product in the clinic as well.  Now is not the time to take our health for granted. 
You can learn more about ways to stay healthy during this time by visiting our clinic's website or by following us on Facebook or Instagram. 
This too shall pass.  Stay safe and know that we are here for you!
Dr. Matthew Gilbert

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